Your Complete Guide to Choosing an Eternity Ring for a Style Statement

What is an Eternity Ring?

Eternity refers to something everlasting and infinite. As the name suggests, it is a women’s ring that is created out of precious stones such as silver and gold lined together symbolizing never-ending love. It is usually given by a spouse to his wife on anniversaries. The concept of gifting eternity rings dates back to the 1960s when to avoid stockpiling, eternity rings were encouraged as they consist of small diamond pieces instead of one large diamond stone.

Difference between Eternity and Wedding Rings

It is very usual of people to mistake between eternity and wedding rings because on many occasions they are unaware of the significance of the two or are not known to the little details that make the difference. The most important reason why the two rings are mistaken with each other is the diamonds that are set around the ring band.

 However, if you look closely, you will realize that eternity rings have gemstones all around the band and even if it is a half-band eternity ring, it will still have the gemstone such as diamonds placed closer to each other than the wedding rings. Since they are placed closely together, there are a greater number of stones present in the eternity rings. Furthermore, the top of the eternity rings is raised unlike that of the wedding rings. It is important to differentiate between the two if you are not purposefully intending to choose an eternity ring for your wedding ceremony.

Eternity rings serve as a beautiful accessory to strike a wonderful style statement or boost your already classy style game. In the remaining article, we shall look at the factors that you need to consider before opting for an eternity ring to serve a memorable style statement and immediately catch attention.

Half VS Full Eternity Rings; which one and why?

There are two types of eternity rings available; half and full. A half eternity ring contains gemstones all across its band but those termed as half eternity rings only have those gems on the top half of the band.

People have reviewed half eternity rings to be more comfortable than full eternity rings. Besides, they are also comparatively more economical as they contain a lesser number of expensive stones. You can also get larger sizes of stones placed on half eternity rings.

However, full eternity rings are also equally beautiful in their ways. They provide you the ultimate luxury and with those small-sized numerous gemstones around the ring band, they ooze out a great amount of glamor and class.

Preferable Gems for Eternity Rings

Around the globe, eternity rings are usually comprised of diamonds. However, you can also get other gems such as sapphires, ruby, emeralds, etc.

If you want to be highly specific with your gift and are giving somebody the eternity rings as a birthday gift with their birthstone, you can then opt for different stones. People also have some lucky stones that they like to wear to dominate good luck in their lives. In that case, as well, an eternity ring with a personalized stone would do well.

On the other hand, the diamond remains the most precious gemstone to exist. It tends to catch immediate attention and is beautiful beyond measures. If you do not have any special preferences, you can blindly go for diamonds and symbolize eternal love with immense beauty and grace.

Preferable Metal Types

The base of an eternity ring is metallic. There are several choices of metals that are preferred when creating these beautiful and luxurious rings. They include platinum, silver, white gold, and yellow gold that you can make your choice from based on your budget and color preferences. All of them have their pros and cons.

Platinum is extremely expensive. It is however also very durable, valuable hard, and tough. It will not get damaged easily and its silvery-white color radiates out a perfect shine for the day.

Silver is also used in the creation of eternity rings but it is kept the last choice and for people who are extremely low on budget. It is not a metal that is preferable for daily use as it is extremely soft and can easily get damaged. The stone falls out of it generally quicker and it also loses its shape quite early in its lifespan.

As the name suggests, white gold is white and has an appearance more or less similar to that of platinum but it comes at a comparative pocket-friendly price. Unlike platinum, it however needs maintenance after every one use to ensure an ‘eternal’ use. If you are low on budget, you can opt for 9K white gold as it is the cheapest of all. If you have no budget issues, you should then definitely opt for the 18K one which is the most expensive yet the prettiest of all.

If you are fond of ancient classic jewelry, you should get your eternity ring in yellow gold metal. It also doesn’t need maintenance and has an amazingly attractive look. In current times, when the entire world is running after modern and contemporary pieces, you can stand out with your classic yellow gold eternity ring.

The Right Setting

There are two popular settings of eternity rings that you can choose from. You need to make the right choice based on how clumsy or careful you are because these rings contain highly precious gemstones and breaking them won’t only break your heart but also waste all the loads of money spent on it.

If you are careful especially with the precious jewelry, you can get the eternity ring with pointed edges or claws. However, if you are a clumsy person who has the potential of breaking things, you should certainly not take the risk and get a channel setting or a rub-over setting for your eternity rings. These settings are the most popular as most people tend to stay on the safer side.

In the channel setting, the precious stones are set deep into the metal and the metal runs alongside them protecting the jewels contained inside and making the ring incredibly comfortable to wear. They are also very smooth lacking any claws that can break the diamonds apart if the ring falls by any chance.

Hand Crafted or Factory-Made; which is better?

An easier way to obtain eternity rings early is to buy the ones created in a factory in variable sizes. However, it wouldn’t do well because it isn’t created especially for your finger which is the entire purpose of an eternity ring.

They are also very expensive so it is better to get a hand-crafted tailor-made eternity ring so that there is no risk involved with your money and the product fits your fingers. A handmade eternity ring is better in many other ways as well.

The diamonds are small in size and are supposed to go round the entire ring. They have to be closely fitted according to the size of a finger. Since every person has a different finger size, the jewelers closely work and measure the number and carat of stones that are needed for particular finger size. This precision and accuracy enhance the look of the eternity ring and it comes out as a unique piece that nobody else possesses which is certainly not the case with machine-made rings.

If you are ready to compromise on the precision and craftsmanship, you can go for factory-made ones. If you find the right size, they aren’t that bad of a choice.

Where to Buy Eternity Rings From?

It is extremely very important to buy eternity rings from reputable and well-reviewed brands such as the Blue Nile and James Allen. They are in this business for a long time and are perfectionists in their craft. Any jeweler that you know is honest with his work and will not take a minute mistake with your ring can be opted for eternity rings.

This is the most important thing because the diamonds used in eternity rings are extremely very small. They can therefore not be graded and involve very high costs if someone tries to do so. Therefore the only way to ensure the premium quality of gemstones usage is to buy the rings from someone you can blindly place your trust on or have enough evidence to prove their brilliance. A lot of your money is involved in buying an eternity ring and it is thus essential that you consider the quality if you want to adorn the ring for an eternal period.


In conclusion, eternity rings are a beautiful present to give to your partner on memorable anniversaries. For the wife, these rings are not just a symbol of love but if bought with careful decision-making, they can do wonders with their style game and take them to another level with just so small-sized shiny diamonds that have the potential of being a head-turner.

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