Handmade by the most exceptional Italian artisans, Gold Americas brings you the highest quality Byzantine gold plated silver chain. This incredible product possibly has the most intricate design of all silver gold chains available in the market. Each link of this necklace is polished to perfection and then skillfully woven by hand. The result is apparent – a stunning, stylish, timeless Italian classic.

The best part about this chain is that it has been in the market for generations, yet it is still equally popular. Now you know you want to get your hands on this iconic beauty because this Byzantine link chain will inarguable always stay in fashion.

Want to know why that is the case? That is because this necklace is designed for everyday comfort. Forget special occasions; now, you can make an impression every day without feeling uncomfortable by wearing jewelry. As soon as you put this around your neck, it instantly elevates your outfit, making the simplest of attire a fashion statement. If you too want to dwell into modern elegance, the unisex Byzantine iced out silver chain is the key.

However, when you consider everyday wear, you always doubt the durability and stability of the item. Would it even last that long? How often would it call for repairs? Do not worry. Gold Americas answers all your queries by merely stating the specifics of this trendy necklace.

Made with 925 sterling silver, Byzantine link chain comes with added durability. Unlike other similar products that use cheap metals, the elements of this chain include sterling silver, which brings along the hypoallergenic and nickel-free benefits, ensuring that it does not irritate your skin. Finally, it boasts a lobster clasp closure that speaks only two words: reliable and secure.

Available in six different lengths (from 7 inches to 24 inches) and eight different thicknesses (from 1.5mm to 6mm), this iconic silver chain is a solid investment. Take your pick and enjoy a lifetime of versatility and gorgeousness by this necklace on your side.

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