custom jewelry

Gold Americas guide to protect your cherished accessories. Follow the tips below to maintain the beauty of your treasured jewelry for longer, so you can enjoy its sparkle for generations to come.

Please note that the following methods are recommended for fine diamond, (sterling) silver and gold jewelry.

How to clean tarnished jewelry items at home and make them shine again?

Method 1

Regularly clean your jewelry with a polishing cloth. We recommend using a two-cloth jewelry polishing system. The white side of the cloth cleans, while the blue side helps shine the jewelry. No watery, soapy problems at all. This method is quick, easy and can be used readily to clean accessories whenever needed.

Method 2

Use warm water and mild dish soap to clean your jewelry. Mix some mild, eco-friendly dish soap in a bowl of warm water and gently rinse to clean the oil, cream, dust, and dirt from your accessory. Leave your jewelry item to dry on a piece of soft cloth. Make sure that your jewelry is completely dry before you store it in your jewelry box.

Method 3

Use baking soda and aluminum foil to deep clean your accessories. Take a bowl and cover its inside with aluminum foil. Place your jewelry item in the bowl and cover it with baking soda. Once fully covered, pour boiled water in the bowl. Wait till the water stops bubbling. Then rinse your valuable slightly and clean with a soft cloth to clear up excess residue. Leave your jewelry item on a towel to dry. Make sure that its is completely dry before you store it in your jewelry box.

Method 4

Reach out to Gold Americas for help. We offer professional jewelry cleaning services. Our experts know the right fixes to restore your valuable back to its lustrous shine. Place an order today and let us help!