If simple and easy to dress bracelets are your cup of tea, then this unisex gold Rope bracelet should be number one on your purchase list. No matter what you wear – a casual tee and jeans or a formal dress and suit – the bracelet complements your outfit by adding an abundant swag that 'blings' your look together. How?

Let's start by getting into the details of the rope chain bracelet's visual. The bracelet displays a basic, timeless design that is a product of interconnected, flat, uniform links that are twisted and carefully connected to resemble a rope. What sets this ageless beauty apart from the rest is that it is exclusively custom-made for men and women. Every centimeter of the heavy and chunky textural form of the rope bracelet exhibits a personal touch. You should not be deceived by its minimalistic design, as it still manages to add a cool, hip vibe to all your outfits.

The exquisite gold Rope bracelet is built of excellent quality materials that speak nothing less than exceptional class and excellence. Doubt our words? Let us bring in facts to back every phrase that we have stated. The bracelet is available in beautiful white gold and yellow gold. Moreover, it features a diamond-cut finish. The former property makes it supple, flexible, and thick enough to complement a pendant (in case you want to add any). In contrast, the latter feature gives it a beautiful reflective quality that helps it shine through all other competitors in the market.

With the white gold chain bracelet by your side, you do not need to stress about buying another bracelet for a very long time. That is because the gold Rope bracelet is made of genuine 10k gold and 14k gold that showcases a durable, solid feel and ensures the shine never fades away.

Alongside, commendable appearance, this one is easy on the wallet as well as on the body. We say that because Gold America sells the bracelet in two different sizes (7 inches and 8 inches) and five different thicknesses (1mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, and 5mm). They do this at an affordable price (that rival manufacturer of jewelry cannot even dream of competing with) but still doesn't fool around with quality.

The build of the bracelet is flexible and comfortable. Moreover, it is nickel-free, which ensures that you won't be subject to any hypoallergenic nuisances.

Name one thing that this magnificent creation doesn't cover – we'll wait. Give up? You sure do, as it adds value every step of the way.

If you, too, want all the charm there is when it comes to sturdy pieces of jewelry, we recommend you buy this gorgeous gold Rope chain bracelet right now!

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