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Advertisement Content

Gold Americas website only allows authorized and registered sites to post advertisements. Spam advertisements are blocked from the website to provide a better user experience. If you still find spam advertisements on the site, please refer to the settings of your browser and antivirus software.

Cookies and Location Detection

Our site uses cookies to find and save your information (after advanced approval) and to prevent any kind of spyware or malware from accessing the site. The information detected by cookies includes your location, and your clicks and likes on our social media pages and accounts. The sole purpose of this is the identification and maintenance of Gold Americas’ personal record.

Keeping Your Personal Information Confidential

When a login attempt is made on your account, Gold Americas automatically generates and sends you a notification via email or text message. Our site also uses security questions, captcha, and pin codes to maintain confidentiality and safeguard your personal information by asking for identification and proof of identity.