custom jewelry

Gold Americas guide to protect your cherished accessories. Follow the tips below to maintain the beauty of your treasured jewelry for longer, so you can enjoy its sparkle for generations to come.

Tip #1 Protect your jewelry from light and heat

Light can diminish the durability and fade the color of the embellishments and stones studded in your jewelry item over time. Heat can absorb the natural moisture the gems and pearls need to maintain their beauty. Once absorbed, the stones can develop tiny cracks or darken. So, make sure you do not expose your accessories to a lot of light and heat.

Tip #2 Keep your jewelry well away from chemicals

When jewelry items are exposed to chemicals, the metals can damage or discolor. Everyday substances like lotion, perfume, hairspray, cosmetics or household cleaners contain chemicals that can permanently damage your accessory’s surface. Make sure you are not wearing your jewelry when applying or working with chemical products.

Tip #3 Give special care to gems and stones

Many colored stones are routinely treated so their appearance can be improved. The treatments enhance the color and clarity of the gem. However, treated stones need extra care because they need to be kept away from heat, solvents, ultrasonic cleaners, and steam. All of these can negatively affect the treated stones.

Tip #4 Invest in easy and safe cleaning methods

Use warm water, mild dish soap (no detergents) and a soft brush/a soft lint-free cloth to clean your jewelry.

A good practice is to rinse your jewelry in a glass of water or container because rinsing directly in the sink increases the risk of losing loose stones or even an entire piece of jewelry (if you accidently drop it). Always lay your jewelry on a towel to dry. Do not touch your accessory before it is completely dry because the wetness can attract dirt.

We recommend using a two-cloth jewelry polishing system. The white side of the cloth cleans, while the blue side shines. No watery, soapy problems at all. (Add link to cloth here maybe)

Tip #5 Store your jewelry safely

Properly storing jewelry is often overlooked, but it is the most important thing when it comes to care. Remember to store your accessories in a dry anti-tarnish bag or cloth, so that no moisture is attracted. Padded jewelry cases are also ideal for storing jewelry.

Tip #6 Learn the optimal way to wear your jewelry

Avoid wearing your jewelry when sleeping, working out, going to a salon, cleaning, swimming, bathing, tanning or more. To maintain your jewelry for long, never put your accessories on when there is a high chance of light, heat, moisture, or chemical exposure. Always untangle your jewelry when you take it off and store it safely

However, if none of that is working for you, reach out to Gold Americas for help. We offer professional jewelry cleaning services. Our experts know the right fixes to restore your valuable back to its lustrous shine. Let us help!