If you love the way rappers and hip-hop stars dress up, this fabulous piece of jewelry is where you want to spend your saving. Compare this piece with any chunky jewelry item on the market, and you will not be able to find something even close to the looks of this one. This puffed Gucci link chain is the perfect combination of chunkiness and elegance brought to you by Gold Americas.

Gold Americas brings this relic of the golden age of rap back just for you! With the stylish and voluminous puff Gucci chain necklace by your side, you can impersonate your ideal’s look any time.

Do not doubt the features of this masterpiece, even the slightest bit. Details, style, layering, polishing, and more – the chain is the optimal combination of everything you have been looking for and desire.

The Gucci puff chain is made of beautiful 925-sterling silver. Their design might be like the anchor chains, but there are a lot of differences involved in the details. Firstly, the links of this silver chain are round as opposed to anchor chain’s oval links. Most importantly, it is chunkier and helps boss up your personality by building a bold new look for you.

The chain is custom made by keeping the ideal consumer in mind – you. You are the reason Gold Americas brings this Gucci mariner chain in 2 different lengths (26 inches and 28 inches) and five different thicknesses (10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, and 19mm) for you to invest in the chunkiness that fits you best. If you want to make a grand statement, we highly recommended a chunkier option; however, if you want more beauty, the smaller, less chunky options are the best. Pair these with a pendant or enjoy the necklace on its own; for sure: you will not be disappointed.

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