How to remove scratches from Cuban gold necklace?

Gold is a silky, soft, and gentle metal. This attribute explains why scrapes and grazes are a constant concern when it comes to gold jewelry. That does not mean you stop buying the gorgeous Cuban gold necklaces. It only means that you should learn how to polish and care for your precious Cuban gold necklace. Let's see what options you have in this regard.


Polishing Cuban Gold Necklace at Home

Buffing and polishing your Cuban gold necklace at home is possibly the easiest way to maintain its beauty. All you must do is grab a piece of cloth and get to work. Make sure that the fabric is clean. Once ensured, dip the cloth in soapy water and wipe away. After the wiping session, clean the Cuban gold necklace with a polishing cloth to bring back its lustrous shine. It may be time-consuming, but it is not that tough and also easy on the wallet.

While you are considering being an expert polisher yourself, know that this method can only eradicate the lightest scratches. For deeper scratches, it is best to find a professional.


Professional Cuban Gold Necklace Polishing

Investing in professional gold jewelry polishing ensures that you get rid of the deepest of scratches. Moreover, it is best to hand your valuable Cuban gold necklace over to a specialist if the scratches' quantity is enormous.

We recommend a professional Cuban gold necklace polishing in extreme cases, as these experts have trustworthy and reliable polishing materials. These materials are more abrasive than your regular polishing equipment. So, the process guarantees a much more effective end-result.

However, bear in mind that the process of polishing gold jewelry comes with an inevitable downside. Every time your Cuban gold necklace is restored, a tiny layer is removed off the chain's surface so that the entire surface can become even again. Too many polishing sessions may leave you with a weary and weak Cuban gold necklace, so make sure that you care for your jewelry from the beginning and never let it get to that point.


How Often should you Polish your Cuban Gold Necklace?

It would be best to remember specific facts and frequencies when it comes to polishing and caring for your Cuban gold necklace. Polishing is abrasive. This nature of the process is why you should not think about polishing every time you notice a couple of scratches. A good rule of thumb is to send your Cuban gold necklace for repair, not more than once or twice a year. If you do not regularly wear your Cuban gold necklace, you can go on for as long as two or three years without getting your valuable polished.

It is best to avoid polishing until your Cuban gold necklace is scratched extensively and screams for help. However, you can buff your chain at home with a polishing cloth once a month or once every two or three months, as the home fabric is not too abrasive.


How to Avoid Scratching your Cuban Gold Necklace?

Now that you know what drawbacks polishing holds, it goes without saying that you should protect and safeguard your Cuban gold necklace from bumps and scratches. The following ideas may prove to be useful in figuring out how to do so:

  • Buy a Cuban gold necklace that does not scratch easily

You need to consider the Cuban gold necklace's karat if you do not want it to scratch quickly. Gold is a soft metal, so higher karat Cuban gold necklaces are weaker, while lower karat Cuban gold necklaces are harder. It would help if you opted for lower karat chains, as these are more durable and stand firm when exposed to damages and risks.

  • Wear other, less durable necklaces more often than the Cuban gold necklace

High karat gold jewelry is less sustainable. If your Cuban gold necklace has a high karat (18k+), wear it only occasionally to protect it from wearing down quickly. Prefer wearing lower karat gold jewelry every day as they are easier to maintain and preserve.


Where to buy Cuban Gold Necklace that does not require regular polishing?

One online jewelry retailer that does not disappoint when it comes to long-lasting quality is Gold Americas. We highly recommend checking out their magnificent Cuban gold necklace collection that does not call for regular polish or maintenance nuisances.


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