Real silver Cuban link chain is also known as Miami Cuban. It is just another basic timeless design that is hard to resist. You ask why? Well, for starters this Cuban necklace is chunky and ornate that helps you create an imposing appearance other people are bound to comply with. Secondly, it features close set, slightly flattened links. This specific design just adds glamour to the personality of the chain even more as the close set links make it bulky, but the flattened characteristic of these links help keep the chain right under the bar, so it’s not too chunky; leaving room for you to shine on. And lastly, every millimeter of the chain holds intricately added decorative detail. These details may vary from a twisting rope pattern to oval shaped links – literally the best you can imagine. So, if details matter to you too, know that this Cuban iced chain by Gold Americas takes care of that to the core.

The Cuban pendant is a timeless statement piece that effortlessly complements all your outfits.

Still, debating on whether you should get your hands on this or not? Think again because this is exactly what your favorite rappers wear; the chain you often see looped around their necks is this very Cubana necklace. Why do you even want to let go of this beauty then?

Though, we know that as much as you want to impersonate your ideal, you would still want to establish a sense of individuality. This is exactly why we bring you tons of variations of the silver diamond Cuban link chain. You can decide the size of the 925 sterling silver chain from the following: 2mm Cuban, 3mm Cuban, 6mm Cuban, 7mm Cuban, 8mm Cuban, and 9mm Cuban. What makes the offer even better is the fact that regardless of the size choice you go for, Gold Americas promises to deliver top-notch quality. If you doubt the long-lasting capability or durability of this solid silver Cuban link chain, doubt no more – we have got you covered.

To sum up, this variation of a cable chain is downright a stylish weighted silver chain design inspired by Miami’s street fashion. No doubt it is so edgy! Although the Cuban necklace evolved from the 70s hip hop style, it is still the talk of the town and extremely popular amongst men who prefer to flaunt a cool, masculine look. Do you? If yes, buy it now!

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