What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Alexander? Luxury? Jewels? Riches? Extravagance? These are the very adjectives that can be used to describe this gorgeous piece of unisex silver gold chain. Now you might have understood why the name Alexander.

The Alexander silver chain is not all out there. It is just right for people who want to enhance their look by adding this piece of jewelry to their outfit. However, those of you looking to transform their look by hanging this chain around your neck; know that it might not be your cup of tea. Reason being the jewelry is subtly beautiful, so it does not overshadow you, but compliments you. The necklace does not take the spotlight off you and onto itself.  It only acts as a magnet to keep the spotlight on you.

Appealing is the middle name of this necklace as it is built with beautiful 925 sterling silver. Each link of the 14k silver chain is expertly joined after careful buffing and polishing so that you are delivered a flawless finish. A unique feature of this item is that the connections of the chain are square edged to showcase a cutting-edge look, but they can be adjusted for an increasingly familiar style. All of this comes together to give this solid, adaptable piece of silver jewelry a clean-lined, vibrant appearance that is irresistible.

Gold Americas brings you the gorgeous Alexander silver chain in five different lengths (ranging from 20 inches to 28 inches) and two different thicknesses (5.5mm and 6.5mm). Each variation of this stunning gold over silver chain delivers utmost satisfaction for a long time, as it is built to last longer than any of the items you have previously been wearing.

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