The diamond tennis necklace is possibly one of the most extravagant gift items from the entire collection of Gold Americas gold diamond chain necklaces.

The chain is a long strand of uninterrupted sparkle that circles around the wearer's neck and helps them dazzle. Wearing the tennis diamond necklace is a complete experience alone as you can only imagine the perks it brings along.

The truly dazzling tennis necklace takes the center stage with its diamonds set in beautiful warm white gold. While the rest becomes the supporting cast, the diamonds of this white gold diamond cross necklace attract the spotlight and keep all eyes fixated on you. Round and brilliant cuts of the diamonds help them expertly attract exceptional sparkle and light. Absolutely nothing hinders the process, not even untidy prongs, or visible links. The diamonds in this necklace are strung together on an invisible filament that allows the light to play off the diamonds, enhancing their clarity and purity of this exceptional piece of jewelry. The tennis necklace is also available in sizzling yellow gold, which offers the exact same, but in a much more striking manner.

Shining with exquisite metal choices, the necklace features a box and tongue fastener. In other words, this means that wearing and taking off this gorgeous tennis diamond cut gold rope chain necklace is extremely easy. However, this ease does not compromise the quality of the secure closure as we believe you would not want to lose this timeless statement piece anywhere.

Gold Americas offers this stunning piece of diamond jewelry in various sizes so that you can choose an indulgence that matches your extravagance requirements best. Moreover, two different styles of the diamond necklace are available for you to choose from: the graduated style or the classic style. This way we ensure that the unisex diamond necklace can satisfy people of every taste and preference.

If you want our opinion, we prefer the graduated tennis necklace. It features one large central stone. Either side of the central stone goes up around your neck and the diamonds become progressively smaller. This style draws all eyes to the center which highlights your neckline and draws more attention on the wearer’s face. If you are passionate about creating a dramatic effect, this one is tailor made for you. Buy the white gold diamond cross necklace today to create an impression that people cannot even dream of forgetting!

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