custom jewelry


Gold Americas is here to bridge the gap between YOU and high-end fashion that revolves around hip jewelry items. Born out of love for the urban culture, our jewelry store delivers high quality merchandise to both men and women – because we believe we all deserve to make a bold statement.

custom jewelry

Gold Americas is a licensed and registered American company dealing in Gold, Silver, Diamond, and all other related jewelry items. Chains, pendants, earrings, bracelets, studs, rings – you name it, we have got it. We make highest quality merchandise available to you (at attractive discounts). Gold Americas is proud to announce its acclaimed status in the industry. We lead sales of gold and set benchmarks in custom jewelry. Over the past few years, we have been consistently triumphant in satisfying our customers. Intending to continue to do so, Gold Americas constantly invests in improvement to provide you with never-ending benefits that make your experience even better than the last.

We have always been fond of the urban culture. Thus, we used to constantly contemplate on ways of bringing the urban culture to every individual across the globe. But the real question was how? That is when the idea of using jewelry to display boundless emotions came to mind. Taking inspiration from street-style jewelry, we brought together a team of professional designers to create high-quality jewelry items that can match hip hop as well as classy attire. Soon we had established a business venture that became famous for chains, pendants, bracelets, and rings made of 10-karat gold, 14-karat gold, silver, diamond, and white gold. Keeping with the boundless theme, we decided to launch our company on the Day of Independence, 4th of July. Just as America broke all bounds and became ceaseless, so did Gold America's journey. Since the very beginning of our journey, we aimed to revitalize the display of emotions via hip hop jewelry. To this day our stance remains strong and can be visible in every bit of action as well as creation. We move forward with the utmost commitment using feedback from our customers to bring together unique pieces that can match their personality.”

~ Sahibzada Shumail

We Offer Everything!

It does not matter to us if you are more inclined towards the old-school B-boy or the rad hip-hopper lifestyle, custom or manufactured items – our products have a special something for every single one of you.
Looking for jewelry to complement your personality or flatter your outfits? Gold Americas is the two-word answer to all your dress-up problems. Add a little bling to your life or make a bold statement with our fresh, in-the-phase designs that know nothing less than complete instant gratification.

Bold, Brilliant and Beautiful Collection

Our unique selection of irresistible jewelry items is comprised of rare items that no retailer or chain store deals in. Hand-selected? Beautiful, brilliant diamonds? Gemstone jewelry? Gold/silver/diamond chains? We are your one-stop-shop for all your jewelry desires. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter jewelry that is ordered by thousands, Gold Americas brings individuality and character to every piece giving it a personality of its own. We help you create an impression. If you too want to stand out, you know who to go to.

Our Ethical Values:

• Shopping with us is not just about buying an item once and never coming back. Nope. We keep you hooked with regularly updated creative collection. Our team constantly stays online to support our customers.

• Not just that new items, we provide solutions for jewelry you previously bought too. From inspecting to fixing, polishing to cleaning, we go all in to deliver customer satisfaction at best. Why you ask? That is because we believe in going out of our way, to serve our customers with what other corporate businesses would not: Perfection!

Why do you think artists, stylists, celebs, and VIP shoppers cannot stop chanting our name? Take it from us: when you check out our hip, price-savvy jewelry collection on our user-friendly shopping site, you too would not be able to stop.

Gold Americas’ level of commitment and hard work paid off. Now, we are winning in the jewelry industry game every single day. Want to tag along? You are most welcome. Head to our home page now and start building a relationship with us.