How to Choose the Best Gold Chain?

How to Choose the Best Gold Chain?


The term 'best gold chain' varies from person to person, as people differently prioritize different gold chain attributes. It would be best to consider several important factors when you are buying a gold chain that suits you best. Following is a brief description of essential characteristics you should pay attention to before setting your heart on a beautiful mariner gold chain.


Solid or Plated Gold Chain

You need to understand if your preferred jewelry is solid gold or gold plated. This consideration is vital if quality and durability is a big deal to you.

Gold plated chains are cheaper, but the plating eventually wears off, revealing a cheap metal underneath. To restore the chain's luster, color, and shine, you would have to get the gold-plated chain re-plated.

On the other hand, solid gold chains are expensive but come loaded with durability. They do not wear off quickly and maintain their appearance for a long time. If you feel their look is dulling, you can send these chains for polishing and enjoy a restored look.

If you will be wearing the mariner gold chain often, your 'best' is the solid gold chain.


Solid or Hollow Gold Chain

Hollow gold chains are lighter in weight but break and dent easily. These breaks and dents weaken the life of your gold jewelry as these damages are impossible to repair.

On the other hand, solid gold chains are heavier, but they do not damage easily.

If you do not mind the weight of the mariner gold chain and are big on quality, your 'best' is the solid gold chain.


The Karat of the Gold Chain

When it comes to karat, remember that the purer the gold chain, the softer and less durable it will be. On the other hand, necklaces that are a mixture of gold and non-gold alloys are harder and more durable.

If you are going to wear the mariner gold chain frequently, your 'best' is 10k or 14k gold chains.

Please note that low karat gold jewelry may be more durable, but it contains non-gold metals like nickel. Many people are allergic to nickel. If this metal irritates your skin too, your 'best' may be 18k+ gold chains. If that is the case, you might want to safeguard your chain from damage extensively.


The Link Type of the Gold Chain

This attribute defines how easily your gold chain kinks or breaks.

Flat chains (such as the omega chain and the herringbone chain) are more prone to twisting.

Round chains (such as the snake chain) are more likely to catch on your clothes and twist.

If you do not like twisting and kinking chains, your 'best' includes the Figaro chain, the mariner gold chain, the anchor chain, the rope chain, etc.


The Thickness of the Gold Chain

The thickness of the necklace helps you understand how sturdy the chain is when a pendant is added. If you prefer adding embellishments to your gold chain, you should opt for sturdy pieces that can bear the additional weight. In this case, your 'best' is the box chain or the wheat chain.


The Clasp of the Gold Chain

A clasp that closes well and does not break easily ensures that the necklace stays secure around your neck. There are two types of fasteners available for the mariner gold chain: the lobster clasp and the ring clasp. The former does not open easily and is reliable, while the latter is cheap, thin, and not as durable.

If you want your jewelry to be secure, your 'best' is the gold chain with the lobster clasp.


The Smoothness of the Gold Chain

The surface of the gold chain is another crucial factor to consider. If the exterior is rough, it will irritate your skin and catch on your clothes. However, if it is smooth, there will be no jagged pieces that rub your skin and cling to your clothes.

If you do not like irritating nuisances, your 'best' is a smooth mariner gold chain.


Where to Buy the Best Gold Chain?

Now that you know everything you need to consider before buying the best gold chain online, complement your knowledge by checking out the best gold jewelry sellers on the market: Gold Americas. They have the most excellent selection of gold chains that pass all the necessary standards.


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