custom jewelry

Q. Does accept credit cards?

Answer: Yes, we accept our payments via credit cards. We accept Visa, Master-card, Discover, American Express and Pay Pal on our secured server. Credit cards or payment accounts are just verified only, and are charged when your order is processed and ready for shipment. Please note that we do not accept any other payment options, please do not send us checks or money orders.


Q. Is the gold jewelry sold on your website real or fake?

Answer: Yes, our gold jewelry is genuine. Our company does not sell jewelry plated with gold. Every piece of our gold jewelry has a gold purity stamp.


Q. Other than gold, what type of rings does your website sell?

Answer: You can buy a variety of white gold, silver and diamond rings in addition to the gold rings on our website.


Q. What should I do if I do not find the desired jewelry on your website anymore?

Answer: At times, we do not have certain items in our stock, although it happens rarely. Or, it could have been moved to any other page because of new additions. But if you really need the item you want and you cannot find it on the website, we will always attempt our utmost to help you get the same thing. You need to contact the customer care team in such circumstances.


Q. Is there an alternative to get different metal or gemstone jewelry that is not available on your website?

Answer: You need to call our customer care team for this purpose and they will give you the choices and the necessary details.


Q. What is the estimated delivery time for the products to be delivered?

Answer: The shipping date generally relies on the product type you have selected. We have different products available on our website that will be supplied within five working days at maximum. Most of the products are generally easily available and it normally takes up to 1-5 days to deliver such pieces of jewelry in a safe and secure condition. However, if it takes longer time than expected then you can contact us at, for custom items it may take time according to your desired design.


Q. What are the shipping methods?

Answer: We ensure that the products are delivered by popular insured couriers like United States Postal Service (USPS), DHL and FedEx.


Q. Can I change the shipping address after placing the order?

Answer: If the product has not yet been delivered, the shipping address can easily be changed. In these cases, we will ensure that we coordinate with our courier services to deliver it to the latest address. To help you with it, you can contact the Customer Service Team at If the product is in transit and the address cannot be changed, we will make sure that when the product is returned to us, we will reship that product to the latest address, but additional postal charges will be applied.


Q. How do I check my order status? 

Answer: You can easily track the order status by logging in to and clicking on Track Order.


Q. What are the steps to be followed to place an order online?

We have three options to placed an order on the website

A – If you come up from facebook or google mail, we will collect your credentials and you are ready to buy an item.

B – You may create an account to our website and the process is as follow

Please make sure to follow the simple steps that are mentioned below:

  • First of all, select your desired piece of Jewelry and click on ‘Add to your Shopping Cart’
  • Click on 'Checkout' if in case your order is final. If not, 'Continue Shopping'
  • Add your name and Email Address on the Checkout Screen to proceed for Billing and Shipping
  • Add your shipping details and choose the Payment Options
  • Choose the Mode of Payment and then place your order
  • Once done, you will receive a confirmation email on the email address that you have provided during placing the order

C – You can check out to our website as a guest user.


Q. Can I place my order via phone?

Answer: No you can’t.


Q. Will I get an order confirmation?

Answer: Yes, you will receive an email regarding the confirmation of your order on the email address that you have provided.


Q. Are there any hidden costs with the purchases?

Answer: There are absolutely no hidden costs. We also do not charge additional shipping fees. The final cost will be the complete price listed on the product page.

For international customers custom duty may be applied according to their country custom rules and regulations.


Q. How does the online payment method work?

Answer: The bank or debit/credit card company will authorize the debit or credit card information that you will provide on the payment gateway page. We will finalize your order after we receive the authorization. You will know instantly if your credit card is accepted.


Q. What could be the reasons to refuse my credit card?

The reasons to reject credit or debit card are mentioned below:

  • If the card number is invalid.
  • If the card does not have enough credit balance to pay for the desired order.
  • If the billing address that is entered in the order form does not match with the address in your debit or credit card statement.

You can contact your debit / credit card issuing bank for any further clarifications.


Q. How long will it take to reach if there are any refunds?

Answer: If there are any refunds, we will ensure that the amount is credited to your bank account once we receive the item in an unused condition within 30 days.


Q. What if the ring that I have bought does not fit me?

Answer: Before putting an order, we recommend our clients to verify the ring size or you can check the ring size guide online. If the ring you purchase does not fit after placing the order, then you must give the ring back to us at your own expense. We request you to go through our return policy in detail before you return the order, you may exchange or you can resize the ring accordingly.


Q. If the ring doesn't fit me, can I get it resized by taking the ring to my local jeweler?

Answer: Yes, you can do that. However, we do not suggest it, because we do not accept such products that are altered by third parties. It also cancels the 30-day return policy and exchange policy as such changes can result in damage to the gems or even the strength of the setting if done wrongly.


Q. What do I do if I forget the password of my account?

Answer: On the sign in page, you need to enter your email ID and then press the "Forgot password" box. A link will be sent to your email ID, you need to click on that link to redirect you to the new password section.