How to Compare Prices for Gold Chains?

Shopping for gold chains can be confusing as there are many gorgeous models and designs available: Figaro gold chains, mariner gold chains, Cuban gold chains, and more. However, your most significant buying restriction is budget. Let's see what determines the cost of a gold chain to compare prices of the different necklaces, so you can figure out what to buy.


What Determines the Prices of Gold Chains?

Purity, weight, and structure are the three most important characteristics that determine gold chains' price. Read on to learn about each factor in detail:

  • The Purity of Gold Chains

Purity refers to the composition of a gold chain: parts of pure gold the chain contains relative to the total amount of material. Gold purity of a necklace is the ratio of pure gold to gold alloys. For example, a 14-karat Figaro gold chain consists of 14 parts pure gold and 10 parts non-gold material; 58.3% of the jewelry is gold. Thus, higher karat chains are expected to be more expensive.

  • The Weight of Gold Chains

A gold chain's weight is directly related to its price, as more massive chains contain more gold and are more expensive. However, that is not always the case, as karat also plays a huge role.

Imagine you have two Figaro gold chains. One is 10k and weighs 10 grams, while the other is 18k and weighs 7 grams. The first chain contains 41.7% pure gold, and the second chain contains 75% pure gold. Although the second chain weighs less (7 grams), it will be more expensive as it contains more pure gold.

  • The Structure of Gold Chains: Solid or Hollow

If everything else is the same (even the karat), solid gold chains are more expensive than hollow gold chains. That is because solid chains are much more durable. They do not damage easily, and you do not have to care for them extensively. The next time you are buying a Figaro gold chain, and the shopkeeper charges you more for a solid chain, do not break all hell loose. Consider that the solid Figaro gold chain comes with lesser maintenance nuisances.


Methods for Comparing Gold Chain Prices

A quick comparison of the gold chains' prices can be made by identifying if the chains' karat is the same or different. Once identified:

  • Compare Gold Chains of the Same Karat

Comparing gold chains of the same karat is relatively straightforward. All you must do is calculate the price per gram or price per ounce of the gold chains. To do this, you must divide the cost of each necklace by its weight. This number will give you the per gram/ounce price of the chains. You can use the resultant to compare all preferred Figaro gold chains or Cuban gold chains and figure out what to buy while staying under your budget.

  • Compare Gold Chains of Different Karats

Comparing gold chains of different karats is divided into three steps or phases. Follow step-by-step to obtain numbers that help you compare the jewelry pieces:

  1. Calculate the pure gold percentage to know how much pure gold each chain contains.
  2. Identify the gold chains' weight (do not forget to take solid or hollow attributes into account).
  3. Divide the chains' price by amount of gold to figure out the cost per unit of pure gold.

In this case, you should also consider the design factor (Figaro gold chains, Cuban gold chains, mariner gold chains, and more) of each necklace and its link type before making the final decision.


Where to Buy Gold Chains?

If you still feel confused, check out the online gold jewelry retailer: Gold Americas. They provide in-depth stats of the chain, and their exceptional customer service will help you figure out precisely what you want to buy, bearing in mind your budget constraints.



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