Gold Americas brings you a renowned collection of silver rings that are rich in cultural heritage. The exceptional craftsmanship and gorgeous styles of these silver rings have captured the hearts of many.

Built with stunning 925 sterling silver and metal alloys, these iced out silver chain rings have a lustrous exterior, smooth shiny surface and significant quality standards. All these factors combine to help the ring withstand everyday wear and rough tear.

Other factors like ring style also come into play when we talk about silver rings. Gold Americas offers silver rings in band, nugget, gemstone, and more variances. We offer a range of 6 – 12 ring sizes, so you can find something you are fully satisfied with. Moreover, all our silver rings have robust plating, tarnish-resistant exterior, semi-precious hypoallergenic metal alloys and strongest bonding metals that speak quality and durability. Forget regular repairs and maintenance, as we have got you covered. You can contact us for any repairs and maintenance services.

Though, note that our silver rings do not tarnish easily if the wearer stays mindful of 3 things:

  1. Storage – store your silver Cuban chain rings in airtight bags, so it’s not exposed to moisture in the air. You can even add anti-tarnish strips, silica gel, or a piece of chalk to the bag or box you keep your jewelry in, as they all prevent humidity.
  2. Chemical and exposure – regularly clean your jewelry. Every time you wear the ring, body oils and other elements build up on the surface of the silver ring, so it's important to clean this beauty. Moreover, remember to take off your ring when dealing with household chemicals, contacting with water, or applying make-up or lotion.
  3. Maintenance – use soap and water to wash your silver ring. Dry it with a soft cloth later, so dry water spots don’t become visible.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you feel like there is still something missing, you can always head over to our custom section. Our custom section gives you a great degree of control over the ring’s appearance, so you can have a stunning real silver Cuban link chain ring made as per your specific directions. Sounds great? Then contact us today to create a silver ring that matches your personality without fearing privacy breaches.

Get your jewelry shipped withing 24 hours of placing order. Feel free to place an order as Gold Americas has a customer-satisfaction-oriented exchange or return policy. Allow us to address all your possible concerns and delight you to the fullest!

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