Tired of wearing the same clothes and shoes all over again? Nothing seems to work out when it comes to impressing your friends with your looks? We know what is bringing you down – uniformity. You are just doing what others are doing, so how do you expect to stand out and become the eye candy of the crowd?

No, you do not need to go shopping and buy tons of clothes and shoes to figure out new styles. You just need to buy ONE thing that will put together any set of clothing you wear: the Franco silver gold chain.

Franco chain is literally the answer to all your problems. It will help you stand out, bring together your outfits, add a masculine touch to your personality and help you pick on a bunch of stares at the next party.

Want to know how Gold Americas’ solid silver Franco chain does that? With its highly proclaimed Italian design. This curb pattern design is comprised of the following bits:

  • 2 – 4 curb chains – now these chains can be anything from 14k silver to 10k silver with size variations such that 2mm Franco chain, 3mm Franco chain, 4mm Franco chain, 5mm Franco chain and 6mm Franco chain.
  • Interweaving – the 2 – 4 curb chains lie flat against each other in a V shape. The links are then interweaved carefully to create a unique pattern.

Voila! A great silver Franco chain is created. The tight links of the chain create a pattern that beautifully showcase the 925 sterling silver Franco chains are built of. Moreover, the interweaving characteristics gives the necklace a bulky look that is exclusively built for men who want to make a statement. The resultant of this amazing construction creates a strong and durable Franco necklace that can be a staple to all your outfit worries. Wear it with a shirt or sweater, tucked in or visible, with more accessories or alone – it works every single way to deliver style and charm at its best!

This design is a high level of craftsmanship on its own. However, variations are also available to give your necklace an even greater look and personalized sophistication. You can even turn it into a Franco chain with pendant by just adding an embellishment.

Honestly, we do not even get what is stopping you from heading over to Gold Americas add to cart button already. Go get it now!

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